Mr. Chris Rezendes

Chief Business Officer, Spherical Analytics; Executive Staff, Context Labs

Focusing on the next era of everything where physical meets digital, profit meets sustainability and the future meets trust.

Deploying trusted systems with brilliant partners at CONTEXTLABS BV. Collaborating in the field to refine and commercialize new workflow, dataflow, and financial flow models at ImpactLABS, now part of CONTEXTLABS BV.

Making a few early stage investments in strong teams with powerful ideas. All about enabling truth, trust and progress for any systems that value resilience.

At XChain2, Mr. Rezendes will be a panelist discussing:

Lessons Learned: Getting Started with Blockchain Today - Advice from Early Adopters

--Weighing the tangible and intangible costs and benefits of blockchain investment

--Deciding whether to create a blockchain or join an existing one

--Building a business case for internal and external stakeholder buy-in

--Developing strategies to address roadblocks as they arise during the planning process