Dr. Claudio Lima

Co-Founder, Blockchain Engineering Council

Dr. Claudio Lima is a seasoned technology executive and thought leader in Advanced Blockchain, IoT and AI technologies with expertise in energy (utilities, oil and gas), smart city and telecom/IT digital transformation. He has a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering at the UKC (England). Previously he was the Global Smart Grid CTO of Huawei Technologies in Europe-Asia-Pacific and a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS) at Sprint Advanced Technology Labs (Sprint ATL), in Silicon Valley-CA. Dr. Lima is currently is the Co-Founder of the Blockchain Engineering Council (BEC), and leads the IEEE Blockchain Standards development as Chair and Vice-Chair of IoT and Energy Working Groups, respectively. He also serves as the Blockchain Cybersecurity Industry Advisory Board Member of the US Department of Energy (DOE)/PNNL.

At XChain2, Dr. Lima will be discussing:

End-to-End Supply Chain in Oil & Gas Drilling Operations

--How Blockchain will improve operations efficiency of O&G upstream supply chain

--What are the challenges and benefits for automated Blockchain-enabled O&G drilling operations

--How companies can position with Blockchain in upstream O&G

Dr. Lima will also be a panelist discussing:

Strength in Numbers - Benefits of a Consortium

--Learning from existing consortia, their current status, accomplishments, and future plans

--Weighing the benefits of joining a business-focused vs. technology-focused consortium

--Exploring the technological and financial benefits of participating in different consortia

--Benefiting from consortium networks and accessing the full potential of the blockchain