Dr. Tyler Smith*

Founder, Prosapia at ConsenSys

Dr. R. Tyler Smith is a globally recognized expert in the application of blockchain technology. Prior to joining ConSensys he was the Head of Blockchain for the natural resource company BHP Billiton. While there he planned, built and put into production the world’s first supply chain platform based on a blockchain for a major enterprise. Currently Tyler is the Founder of Prosapia. (More about Prosapia below). His previous role at Consensys was Director of Energy for ConsenSys, the global leader in blockchain focused software development. Tyler works with Oil and Gas companies to explore and develop blockchain solutions which are transformational to the business. These include applications across supply chain, corporate-wide security/identity, capital project risk management, new financial instruments and contract negotiation with automated execution.

Tyler has a PhD in Geophysics from Rice University where he focused his research on the history of the Antarctica Peninsula Ice Sheet. In conjunction with this work he received a US congressional medal for the 3 field seasons spent in Antarctica. His early career was spent finding oil and gas all around the world as an exploration geophysicist. His passion is to transform the energy and mining industries to be more sustainable, transparent and productive.

About Prosapia: Genealogy is ranked as the second most popular hobby in the United States. A growing trend of people becoming interested in their family history has fueled the industry both in terms of capital investment and data acquisition. However, the current infrastructure is prone to data silos which are counterproductive to the continued development of the space. A new technology, called the blockchain, provides the tools to allow for collaboration without sacrificing the autonomy of data custodians. Prosapia proposes a shared industry protocol and standard for how deceased individuals are identified and registered on the blockchain. This will provide the foundation for sharing databases which otherwise will remain restricted and disconnected from general consumption.

At its core, Prosapia is a shared data layer which is maintained and audited by participants in the network. In addition, the network is designed to allow data providers selective disclosure to consumers with only the most basic of information available as default. The goal is to create a shared foundation on which the community can build additional data analytics and applications while not compromising the data ownership of the underlying custodians. We believe that this will usher in a new paradigm of growth and open data repositories otherwise impossible to access. It will also make it possible for much smaller organizations to contribute and make meaningful additions. In the end, the heritage of the human race is a shared treasure which should be owned by everyone, and finally can be through the innovation of the blockchain. See less