Dr. Tyler Smith

Director, Viant, a ConsenSys formation

Dr. R. Tyler Smith is a globally recognized expert in the application of blockchain technology. Prior to joining ConSensys he was the Head of Blockchain for the natural resource company BHP Billiton. While there he planned, built and put into production the world’s first supply chain platform based on a blockchain for a major enterprise. Currently Tyler is the Director fo Viant, a ConsenSys formation. His previous role at Consensys was Director of Energy for ConsenSys, the global leader in blockchain focused software development. Tyler works with Oil and Gas companies to explore and develop blockchain solutions which are transformational to the business. These include applications across supply chain, corporate-wide security/identity, capital project risk management, new financial instruments and contract negotiation with automated execution.

Tyler has a PhD in Geophysics from Rice University where he focused his research on the history of the Antarctica Peninsula Ice Sheet. In conjunction with this work he received a US congressional medal for the 3 field seasons spent in Antarctica. His early career was spent finding oil and gas all around the world as an exploration geophysicist. His passion is to transform the energy and mining industries to be more sustainable, transparent and productive.

At XChain2, Dr. Smith will be discussing:

How to Realize Cost Savings by Introducing Track and Trace Systems on a Blockchain

--Adopting digital tools to facilitate improved communication, meet reporting requirements and minimize paperwork

--Changing business by introducing accurate track and trace systems and enabling streamlined communication across the value chain

--Implementing distributed-ledger in the product serialization process for better product authentication

Dr. Smith will also be a panelist discussing:

Lessons Learned: Getting Started with Blockchain Today - Advice for Early Adopters

--Weighing the tangible and intangible costs and benefits of blockchain investment

--Deciding whether to create a blockchain or join an existing one

--Building a business case for internal and external stakeholder buy-in

--Developing strategies to address roadblocks as they arise during the planning process