Mr. Harris Reynolds

Director of Research and Development at Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc.

Harris Reynolds is Director of R&D at Diamond Offshore Drilling, where he focuses on shepherding innovations that will help reduce well delivery times and improve the economics of offshore E&P. Mr Reynolds also has served on the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee as Chairman of its Future Technology Subcommittee. His goal is to advance technologies to drive down operational costs for the offshore industry.

At XChain2, Mr. Reynolds will be co-presenting with Diamond Offshore Drilling partner, Data Gumbo, and discussing:

The Absence of Invoices in an Oil & Gas Drilling Business Network

--Managing customers and suppliers information when collaborating and working with the exactly the same information

--The advantages of having a network anchored on a blockchain with all parties on an identical digital ledger

--Improving supply chain efficiencies without sacrificing security or traceability

--Automating payments with smart contacts

--The journey of smart contracts for business accounting and other crucial business processes