Dr. Rajat Rajbhandari

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, dexFreight

Dr. Rajbhandari is an expert in transportation, operations, and technology research and earned his Ph. D in Transportation in 2005.

At XChain2, Dr. Rajbhandari will be a panelist discussing:

Understanding the Value and Advantages of Utilizing Smart Contracts Over Existing Methods

--What does it mean to digitalize the contract process in regards to real-time delivery and exchange of custodies?

--Enabling transactional trust between parties through the use of an immutable ledger

--Understanding the implications of amending or voiding smart contracts

--Considering legal jurisdictions, enforceability issues, and preparing for future regulations

Dr. Rajbhandari will also be discussing:

Implementing Blockchain in the Port of Veracruz, Mexico’s Third Busiest Sea Port

--Analyzing value propositions and exploring where and how blockchain technology fits into a port operational environment

--Strategically minimizing risks and over expectations in developing a proof of concept

--Outlining and identifying the challenges and opportunities of implementing blockchain for container exports