Ms. Sherry Stein*

Senior Manager of Projects and Innovation, SITA Lab

Sherry Stein has over 20 years in travel technology experience, with a passion for business transformation and technology innovation. In 2015, Ms Stein joined SITA Lab where she leads the identity management program. It is focused on strategic research on behalf of SITA’s 450+ ATI members, to create a secure, frictionless travel experience through the applied use of emerging technologies and co-innovation with key industry stakeholders.

At XChain2, Ms. Stein will be discussing:

Moving Beyond the Competitive Nature of the Air Transport Industry

--Adding trust through empirical data and developing a blockchain network infrastructure that crosses organizational boundaries for a single version of truth

--Enabling ‘shared control’ of flight information and setting up smart contracts to arbitrate potential conflicting data

--Applying and testing blockchain technology for practical process improvements in airport ecosystems

--Reviewing key lessons from an industry pilot project and its 2 million smart contract processed flight changes