Mr. Srini Srinivasan

President & CEO, eShipGlobal

Srini Vasan is founder and CEO of eShipGlobal the Supply Chain compliance solution company to offer a one-stop integrated solution for shipping both standard parcel and regulated hazardous/Research materials via any U.S. carrier to virtually any destination worldwide. As president and CEO, Mr. Vasan is responsible for the overall direction of the company, overseeing product conceptualization, Innovation, development and commercialization of products. Prior to eShipGlobal, Mr. Vasan was a software engineer, systems architect and project manager for big four consulting companies. He holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

At XChain2, Mr. Srinivasan will be discussing:

Planning and Executing a Proof-of-Concept

--Identifying an area of the supply chain to validate a Proof-of-Concept (POC) project with the least amount of disruptions

--Keeping a POC light in scope and minimizing legal interventions and other administrative processes

--Selecting resources that make sense and including all relevant parties up-and-down the chain during the decision-making process

--Testing real data in a simulated, isolated environment and analyzing the outcomes

--Restarting from the ground up while simultaneously leveraging data collected from a successful POC to better design a next step pilot project