Ms. Sujatha Kumar

Founder and Managing Partner, Ayatis

Sujatha has over 25 years of experience in directing high-growth Technology, Consulting and Manufacturing companies in senior leadership roles. Ms. Kumar has a proven track record in leading and delivering solutions in the areas of digital and integrated operations projects for Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Discrete Manufacturing, Power, and Mining companies.

Ms. Kumar founded her consulting practice in 2013, after a career with Honeywell, to help industrial companies better leverage technology to deliver operational excellence along their value chain. She has helped clients, from tier one oil companies, independents, and technology companies, achieve this goal.

In addition to her consulting practice, she is also a Technology Partner at Knightsgate Ventures, a Houston based Venture Capital fund investing in early stage technology startups.

At XChain2, Ms. Kumar will be discussing:

Blockchain Applications in EPC Companies

--Disrupting the EPC industry through overall digitization across its value chain

--Orchestrating and driving ROI through IOT enabled blockchain in specific use cases

--Leveraging blockchain from engineering, design, and procurement to asset tracking during execution to compliance and project warranty

--Differentiating business models, efficiencies in productivity gains and visibility in operations