Mr. Cody Burns

Enterprise Blockchain Architect, Accenture

Cody is a blockchain architect associate manager with Accenture’s emerging technology practice. He works with fortune 100 companies in developing their long term innovation focus and understanding of distributed systems technology. His enterprise work focuses on Hyperledger, Quorum, and Corda system. Mr Burns has experience with progression of major projects from the planning stage through to large scale proof of concept and has experience in multiple industries, including government, healthcare, natural resources(O&G), and telecommunications. He serves as advisor to the Ethereum Classic Development Team and serves on the Exam Advisory Board for the Blockchain Training Alliance.

Mr. Burns holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University Of Houston (UH) as well as a Bachler’s of Art & Science (BAAS) degree of West Texas A&M University in Emergency Management Administration

At XChain2, Mr. Burns will be discussing:

Starting the Future Today: Supply Chain and Blockchain Overview

--Taking a look into today’s blockchain landscape and its impact on the supply chain industry: Who’s adopting right now and what is the projected return on investment?

--What potential regulations are on the horizon?

--Understanding the true potential of converging emerging technologies and its effect on the supply chain as we know it

Preparing your logistics business to take advantage of blockchain solutions to build improved and robust supply chains to meet future needs