Mr. Andrew Bruce

Chief Executive Officer, Data Gumbo

Mr Bruce is CEO of Data Gumbo. For busy executives tasked with making/saving the company 100s of millions of dollars Data Gumbo adds your company to an Industrial Blockchain which results in the company being more profitable and you being recognized as an industry leader.

Prior to Data Gumbo Mr Bruce was COO for MHWirth responsible for global operations.

Mr. Bruce was founder of the NOVOS project at NOV. Mr Bruce holds a patent jointly on Rig Automation.

Mr. Bruce earned a bachelor’s of science degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is a member of IADC and SPE.


Blockchain savings in supply chain

This is a presentation and discussion of savings identified from implementing blockchain solutions in the supply chain. These findings are from a case study with a major oil company with other ancillary examples presented.

Investing & Blockchain Startups Panel

Blockchain Pilots in O&G E&P - Data Gumbo