Mr. Daniel Martin

Chief Operating Officer, Producers Market

Daniel Martin has spent his working life in finance, operations and business development roles throughout the US and Latin America. After graduating with a dual MBA & Master of Global Management from The University of Houston & Thunderbird School of Global Management, Daniel worked as a proposals manager for Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) where he provided financial oversight on many international engineering projects totaling billions of dollars in costs. Daniel then relocated to Panama and joined CBRE, the world’s largest real estate brokerage firm. As senior consultant, Daniel was exposed to several large agricultural transactions and, as a result, decided to pursue sustainable agricultural trade. His initial agricultural venture included a high-pressure processing facility in Guatemala that was acquired in 2017.


Using Smart Contracts to Connect Producers, Transporters, and Buyers

In his presentation, Daniel will cover how Producers Market’s blockchain smart contract solutions are addressing the problem of producer exploitation and how it affects value/supply economics and resource efficiencies using a client, Michoacan Organics, as a use case. He will also discuss Producers Market’s upcoming blockchain client pilots with Akua and Nautical Farms.