Mr. Erwin Verstraelen

Chief Digital and Information Officer, Port of Antwerp

Mr. Erwin Verstraelen is the Chief Digital and Information Officer of the Port of Antwerp, Europe’s 2nd largest seaport.


The unique combination at the Port of Antwerp of cargo handling, intermodal connections, logistics services and industrial activities is the ideal supply chain ecosystem to implement Blockchain solutions.

Digitalization strategies are an integral part of the Port’s vision on how to strengthen the competitiveness and efficiency of the Port. The recent appointment of a Chief digital and information officer reflects that commitment to all the stakeholders at the Port and all players in the supply chain. The goal of the presentation is to position blockchain by means of several real uses cases which demonstrate the opportunities, as well as the challenges, to improve transparency and a ‘verifiable trust’ driven supply chain. In addition, the testimonials will emphasize the Port’s commitment to make blockchain an integrated building block of the Port’s architecture built on connectivity, collaboration and innovation.

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