Mr. Jason English

VP Protocol Marketing, Sweetbridge

Jason English is an evangelist (or, VP of Protocol Marketing) for Sweetbridge, the blockchain alliance for a liquid supply chain. He is primarily responsible for raising awareness of best practices in applying blockchain technology for commercial interests and attracting world-class partners, customers and funding sources for the project, which aims to capture part of the $54T supply chain market through the free flow of information and liquidity and faster, fairer trade settlement among partners. Combining a successful startup-to-finish track record with virtualization firm ITKO (acquired by CA), leadership roles at enterprise software and cloud-based firms, and supply chain management and B2B marketplace design, he is telling a story of transformative economic change on a global scale. Follow him on Twitter at @bluefug.

Sweetbridge sponsors the development of blockchain-based economic protocols and applications to transform high-friction global supply chains into Liquid Value Networks. The Sweetbridge Alliance is an independent member-run non-profit that is building a global network of organizations comprised of interested industry technologists, blockchain projects, and open-source contributors from around the world. Its goal is to transform brittle, industrial-era commerce through decentralized industry ecosystems that create a faster, fairer value exchange, unleash working capital, better utilize resources, and optimize talent for the benefit of all participants. Follow us on Twitter at @sweetbridgeinc or visit to learn more.


Supply Chains and Blockchains - Driving Economic Impact and Fairer Trade

The true economic impact of blockchain, IoT and cryptocurrency innovation will be driven through supply chain. While the evolution of fintech is important, the $54T global supply chain and logistics market, which encompasses two-thirds of the world’s economy, offers even greater opportunities to make a positive impact on global GDP and produce better outcomes for companies and individuals throughout the value chain.

Blockchain use cases for supply chain will support all aspects of the design, production and delivery of goods to meet customer needs. Even more interestingly, supply chains have operated as decentralized economic organizations for centuries, often with their own forms of shared ledgers and trade currency. The value of blockchain technology combined with other innovations now offers us a means for increasing liquidity, freeing working capital and easing settlement in today’s global supply chains that will benefit world economies, and the people working within them.