Mr. Mark Toohey

Founder, TBSx3

Mark has been involved with technology throughout his career. After decades of experience in the television industry he became heavily involved in the startup sector. He is a legal expert on cryptocurrencies and digital currency regulation.

In late 2012, he recognized the potential of digital currency and Blockchain technology. The firm he founded, helped organize and lead blockchain conferences at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge universities.

Working in conjunction with the Commonwealth Bank, they organized the most significant blockchain event ever held in Australia: the five-day Sydney Blockchain Workshop. Over 40 industry leaders from around the world flew in for the event in 2015.

Speakers included: Vitalkek Buterin (founder of Ethereum); Joi Ito (director of MIT Media Lab); and Lawrence Lessig (Harvard law professor and former US Presidential Candidate).

Mark understands the legal, commercial, and the technical aspects of the technology. He has been a lecturer in a masters course on Digital Currency Regulation with the University of Nicosia since the end of 2015. The course has a strong international reputation for pioneering the field of cryptocurrency studies. Mark was one of the first lawyers in the world to lecture on the technology and its commercial application. He has spoken at conferences nationally and internationally.

His knowledge of this cutting-edge technology is built upon a solid commercial foundation. In addition to working as a lawyer in some of Australia’s leading law firms, Mark has been General Counsel for a telecommunications company and a major television company which were both publicly listed.

After founding Adroit Lawyers, Mark has helped dozens of companies turn their ideas into businesses. Many were technology companies focused on disrupting and transforming industry.

Mark now brings extensive startup knowledge to TBSx3. He understands how to commercialize products and he knows the importance of strong contracts as a business development tool.


Assessing the Realities and Opportunities of Blockchain Implementation in Supply Chains

Beyond the hype: A frank assessment of current blockchain capability from one of the industry’s early adopters.

The credible plans to use of blockchain technology to enhance and protect supply chains will be balanced with an acknowledgement of the industry’s current challenges. The strengths and current limitations of the technology will be candidly discussed.

Find out more about a growing consortium of some of the world’s largest supply chain companies.