Mr. Peter Harris

Co-Founder, Chain Business Insights

Peter Harris is Co-Founder of Chain Business Insights and Research Principal, where he focuses on blockchain technology applications for supply chains. Pete has worked with disruptive and transformative enterprise technologies for nearly 40 years. A former software architect and IT project manager at the London Stock Exchange, he has worked with IT leaders, such as Cisco Systems, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and SAP, to expose their technology to the global financial services space via thought leadership creation and leading B2B events.


Global population growth forecasts require food production to increase by 60% by 2050. Consumers increasingly demand fresh produce that can be proven to have been produced safely according to ethical and sustainable methods. Producers, manufacturers, distributors, carriers, logistics providers and retailers need to boost efficiency and improve supply chain traceability - especially in light of recent safety scares and recalls. This presentation draws on recent research by Chain Business Insights and will set the food supply chain scene, highlight the complex and unique challenges of food logistics, and drill down on recent blockchain pilots that are addressing current shortcomings and challenges of the global food supply chain ecosystem.