Dr. Shin'ichiro Matsuo

Research Professor, Georgetown University; Director, B-TED

Shin’ichiro Matsuo, Ph.D. is a Research Professor Georgetown University, Director of Blockchain Technology and Ecosystem Design (B-TED) Research Center, and Director’s Liaison for Financial Cryptography at MIT Media Lab.

Dr. Shin’ichiro Matsuo is a research scientist in cryptography and information security. He is working on maturing Blockchain technology from academia side and presents research results on Blockchain security. At Georgetown University, he directs the Blockchain Technology and Ecosystem Design (B-TED) research center and leads multi-disciplinary research among technology, economy, law, and regulation. He also leads international research collaboration on Blockchain as a director’s Liaison for Financial Cryptography at MIT Media Lab and founded BASE (Blockchain Academic Synergized Environment) alliance with the University of Tokyo and Keio University. He is a co-founder of the BSafe.network, an international and neutral research test network to promote applied academic research in Blockchain technologies.

He is a part of many program committees on Blockchain technology and information security, and a program co-chair of Scaling Bitcoin 2018 Tokyo. He serves as the leader of security standardization project of Blockchain (ISO TC307). Previously he served as the head of Japanese national body of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27/WG2 for cryptographic techniques, a member of advisory board cryptographic technology for the Japanese government.


How academia can help maturing blockchain technology and ecosystem.

Blockchain technology is thought to become a decentralized social foundation like the Internet. Many experimental projects are now expanding the possibility of flexile ecosystem come from Blockchain technology. As we experienced in the development of the Internet technology and its ecosystem, academic work can help maturing this kind of fundamental technology. In this talk, I introduce an initiative called BSafe.network, which is a natural research test network for Blockchain technology and play the same role which NSFNet and BSD played to maturing the Internet technology. Then, how such academic research can facilitate future blockchain applications and flexible ecosystem including smart supply chain, with introducing some examples of projects.