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About Us

Join us for an enlightening exploration into blockchain, AI, and IoE and learn how they will synergize each other and industries at large.

At XChain2, you will discover how these revolutionary technologies have solved real-world problems in logistics and meet subject matter experts who will be showcasing their pilot projects as well as the value they added. More importantly, you will learn how to incorporate blockchain, AI, and IoE into business practices and are transforming supply chains.

Supply chain blockchain is taking root at a rapid clip. Emerging today are the components needed to create robust supply chain blockchain networks. However, exponential change will truly start to take shape through the integration of blockchain with other innovative technologies like AI and IoE. Technological intersections like these have led to major corporations like Amazon, Uber, Stripe, and numerous others.

The collision of cutting-edge solutions like blockchain, AI, and IoE will help the supply chain and logistics market address key issues as well as costly problems by providing a deeper understanding of what and how supply chain and logistics processes can be optimized.

XChain2 is a two-day event promoting education, collaboration, innovation, and research among technologists, stakeholders, solution providers, and business leaders.

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Speakers: Confirmed / Invited

Interested in speaking? Contact us at [email protected]

Mr. Vincent Annunziato

Director, Office of Trade, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Mr. Michael Youngdahl

Business Transformation Consultant Blockchain, Public Sector, IBM

Ms. Melanie Nuce

Senior Vice President, GS1

Mr. Maurice Jenkins

Director of Information Systems and Telecommunications, Miami International Airport

Mr. Joseph Dudas

Vice Chair, Supply Chain Management, Mayo Clinic

Mr. Bill McBeath

Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research

Mr. Krishna Danda

Investor, GE Ventures

Mr. Corey Vickers

Global Logistics Category Group Manager, Chevron

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Organizers & Advisors

Dr. Larry Shi, Organizer

Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Houston

Dr. Omprakash Gnawali, Organizer

Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Houston

Mr. Bill McBeath, Advisor

Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research

Dr. Dale Tibodeau, Advisor

Professor, Supply Chain Mgmt, C. T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston